Marijuana and sex

Marijuana and sex and sex life

Marijuana and sex are probably some of the most searched words on the Internet. There's no denying that sex and weed turn on the vast majority of the male population, although women also show interest in the aforementioned topics. Have you ever wondered what real impact THC has on sex life? If you are curious we invite you to the rest of the article.

THC will increase your appetite for sex

The popular American journal Psychology Today released a survey on smokers' sexual satisfaction to its readers. Some 67% of respondents were positive about the effects of THC on their sex lives. Should we be worried about being in the other 33 percent of people? Nothing of the sort, every body reacts slightly differently to the psychoactive compounds contained in cannabis. In some people there is a strong excitement in others not, here there is no rule, as with alcohol.

Marijuana will open your personality in bed

Sexologists call cannabis a "sex-positive" stimulant, because it reduces embarrassment and makes it easier to accept and respect one's own body and that of a partner. What's more, the THC present in the body heightens the senses, increasing the sexual experience. During sex we all have a good mood, psychogenic substances will make it even better!

A few moves and you're done - the length of intercourse

Too short intercourse for many couples is an embarrassing subject. Many factors can affect the length of sex, from simple nervousness to sexual dysfunction. How is this the case with marijuana? Some compulsive smokers complain about short intercourse, however in this case it is important to pay attention to an important detail. Psychoactive substances distort the sense of time - what lasts a few seconds in our mind can last several minutes. The same is true of alcohol, after which time runs slightly differently in your mind.

Potential effects of marijuana on fertility

THC affects the proper functioning of male reproductive cells by interfering with the signals sent by cannabinoid receptors to sperm. This causes the sperm to lose all of its energy in the male testicles or the female reproductive tract, so that employment can be hindered. Simply put, sperm show much more activity than they should, and by the last stage of their journey, they are too tired to reach the egg. Moreover, THC may or may not impair sperm quality. About such revelations reported some portals. Is it true? The European Urological Association is skeptical about these compounds and so far has not confirmed a real effect of THC on semen. So no worries gentlemen!

Marijuana enlarges breasts

Fans of large breasts need to curb their sexual appetite. Yes, marijuana does enlarge breasts, but not women's breasts, men's breasts. This fact is confirmed by research of the National Institute of Health in the USA. Why does this happen? In some men, THC lowers testosterone levels, which increases estrogen levels causing larger breasts. Don't panic, bust enlargement is not a rule and the results are not entirely conclusive.

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