Female Seeds

Female Seeds is an independent company which was producing regular seeds for other brands in the past. Such an activity took them almost 15 years, but in that they could attain useful, priceless experience on the cannabis field. Now they’re famous for creating, crossing and improving their strains which are not anymore regular. As their name shows, they focus on feminized genetics production. If you want to try their products, just look at our Female Seeds category. Here we’ve collected the best strains made by this brand. They are already selected and tested, so you won’t have to worry about their quality or the effects provided by them. We offer you an opportunity to purchase female seeds for affordable price, so don’t hesitate any longer and give them a spin even right now!

Female Seeds is a producer from the Netherlands. This seedbank is offering quite a narrow range of products, but all of their strains are attuned to each other. They provide many autoflowering varieties which are great choice for both indoor or and outdoor cultivation lovers. Female Seeds’ preserve are early-maturing strains which should be grown outdoors though. Some of their most famous products are Easy Sativa, Maroc and Purple Maroc; many marijuana freaks have also heard about White Widow x Big Bud hybrid, which is perfect for indoor conditions.


Female Seeds

How did the history of Female Seeds begin? Everything started in the 90’s, when Ferry (main breeder) and his friends made their first regular seeds to pay their college tuition. The main dream of these students was to earn some extra money for learning, but the Dutch seedbanks had a different kind of interest. Some of them needed Ferry’s crew for supporting them on a large scale. Thanks to that they finally became a legal company which was producing seeds in a regular way. This legalization happened back in 2003. At the same time, Female Seeds brand was a rare case of company which was making reliable and feminized seeds (and now they do that on a daily basis). It has quickly become recognizable and admired. Despite the supply-related difficulties, they’ve managed to stay true to their main motto. Since the very beginning they have provided perfect seeds for an unbeatable price and they still respect that. Female Seeds give you the whole package, including unique flavors, reliable seeds and a great reputation.

Female Seeds’ products are not 100% homogeneous, but they’re close to an ideal. In 99,9% of cases they give female, highest-quality, top of the range plants. In addition, you can count on such rate regardless of circumstances, so at least 999 per 1000 plants will grow female every single time. Every variety has its own stability rate though. Strains with a high rate will evolve into really similar ones, but from seeds with a low rate you’ll get the plants which are different from each other.

Want to try out some of Female Seeds’ products? Believe us, it couldn’t get any easier! Just look at all the seeds listed in this special category and choose some of the best-sellers that you’ve liked at the first sight. Are you looking for something truly iconic? White Widow x Big Bud cannabis strain is waiting for your call. So they are other varieties, including Lemon Kush, Pure AK, C99 and Easy Sativa. Pick whatever you want, you’ll be satisfied anyway. They’re all feminized and thanks to that easy to grow. Big yields are also guaranteed, so what are you waiting for? Brace yourself, cause the power of Female Seeds is coming together with your purchase!


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