Green Crack

Although this strain was originally called "Cush," this cannabis strain has acquired a new name - "Green Crack." It was given by none other than cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg after he experienced the intense sativa effects. Some still prefer the name Cush to avoid the stigma of marijuana.

Green Crack's origins are disputed - it was originally bred in Athens in the 1970′s and descended from the popular Skunk #1, but it may also have indica roots in some Afghani. It provides high energy that is ideal for everyday use. Green Crack's potency averages 16% THC, which will make the high last for hours.

Despite several features of indica strains, Green Crack delivers a strong high, typical of sativa strains. It provides a boost of energy that soon results in an increased train of thought, making it perfect for use in the morning.

The effects of Green Crack can make mundane matters such as laundry and cleaning more interesting. A strong focus can help users concentrate on creative projects or can draw attention to nuances in a piece of music, a movie or a match.

Green Crack can also cause a bit of psychedelic effects, including visual distortion and especially a strange sense of extended time. Because it can make users feel motivated to take action, this strain is not recommended for late-night use.

Its energizing effect can be great for relieving fatigue. Green Crack can also help those suffering from anxiety and depression, although in large enough doses it tends to cause strange thoughts and one can get panicked or paranoid. It is not a strain recommended for first-time consumers.

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