Buddha Seeds

Each and every one of us has something different in mind while buying cannabis seeds. Some want their high to be chilling and relaxing, others want to awake their inner party animal. There is one thing we all have in common though. We all want to get the top-notch, high yielding, fast growing product. Here at skunk24.com we have exactly what you are looking for, and if you want something unique, you should definitely try seeds from Buddha Seeds Bank.

What makes those seeds so unique, you may ask? Originating from Spain, Buddha Seeds Bank is well-known and respected among growers who favour autoflowering ganja strains. You may wonder why, for their offer is not as rich as the offer of other seed banks. That is because this breeder applies one simple rule to their work – quality over quantity. Thus, you can be more that sure that when you buy Buddha Seeds Bank products, disappointment is not even an option.

Another fact that should interest you is that Buddha Seeds Bank is responsible for the creation of the White Dwarf, the first modern autoflowering strain. Ganja grower all around the world are simply in love with it. Its creation is a result of a crossbreed between two Indica strains. This strains is very beginner-friendly, it is known for its resistance, and it is harvest ready after give or take two months. White Dwarf’s growth process is usually trouble-free, and the plant itself is small in size, so it won’t take much of your free space, and won’t be much of a problem if you don’t want anybody to know about your hobby.


Buddha Seeds

The Dwarf is not the only reason behind the popularity of Buddha Seeds products. Just recently the Spaniards created the Magnum strain, surprising almost everybody. In no time it became a bestseller. Finding a negative opinion about the Magnum is probably more than difficult. Some users even go as far as saying that this is one the best autoflowering strains available now. Magnum is a high yielding hybrid of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderails strains. It has a spicy aroma, and will grant you a blissful high that you will never forget.

As you already know, Buddha Seeds Bank stands strong for the quality, not the quantity of their products. Each and every strain is a result of hard work and dedication. If you buy seeds from this particular seed bank, you can be more than certain the plants that will flower from them will be of the highest possible quality. If you feel like Buddha Seeds products are something for you, you can get them here at skunk24.com and enjoy some of the best highs that one can experience. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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