Pure Indica

Pure Indica varieties are cannabis strains which originated in Afghanistan and India. Actually, these thickset plants were discovered right in India, and this is exact where their name came from. Pure Indica is quite wide category of marijuana – seedbanks are calling in such way also Indica/Sativa hybrids with strong Indica (or Indica Ruderalis) percentage range. To call a strain Pure Indica it should be at least Indica dominant (minimum 70, 80, or more than 90%). 

Cannabis Indica is a second species of cannabis which have been discovered. The first one was Cannabis Sativa. The first description of a new finding was done back in 1785 by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. His paper was based on samples which were found in India. Lamarck was not the only one researcher in this particular area. Other scientists which made some proper descriptions were Richard Evans Schultes and Loran C. Anderson. The first botanist has made some important observations: Pure Indicas were conical, densely branched and relatively short, while Sativas were taller and laxly branched. Later Anderson has noticed that there are strong differences between the leaflets of these two kinds. Sativas’ ones are narrow and long, and Indicas’ are broad and short at the same time. The most incredible thing about Pure Indica kind is that such strains are dealing great with hard conditions, including hot summers and extremely cold winters. They are much more resistant than Sativa varieties – after all they came from variable and harsh alpine climate. 

In Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India, Cannabis Indica plants are cultivated for traditional hasheesh. It’s important for you to understand that Pure Indica strains are having a lot more CBD (cannabidiol) than Sativas. About the effects, users are claiming that the experience is closer to be stoned than to getting high. Pure Indica strains provide a body buzz and some recreational and medical effects (probably because of a great CBD content), including a pain relief. Such varieties are also great for treating insomnia or anxiety.


Pure Indica

The effects are not the only one distinction between Pure Indica and Pure Sativa cannabis types. There are visible differences in close to everything: starting from structure and height, through the leaf size and buds size, internal length and density, up to the smoke, odour and flowering time required. Pure Indica plants are shorter and bushier; their leaves and blades are short and relatively wide. As it comes to Sativa, the leaves and blades are longer and thinner. Indicas’ bulk and wide buds are so different from long, sausage-shaped Sativas’ flowers. However, the main distinction is related to THC/CBD ratio. Indica strains have a higher CBD content, while Sativas represent a higher THC level. THC is more stimulating and produces a psychoactive ‘high’ experience. In comparison, CBD has exactly opposite, ant-anxiety and anti-epileptic qualities; it’s more recreational and calming. At the same time there is a strong variability within those two types; different Pure Indica strains will provide you various effects.

What Pure Indica strains should you try at first? We highly recommend you to consider buying our best-seller, which is called Cream Caramel F1 Fast Version. It’s 90% Indica and only 10% Sativa, so it will provide you some great relaxation effects. CBD Critical Cure (80% to 20%) also represents therapeutic qualities; so do another iconic strains by Dutch Passion seedbank. Let’s try Passion 1, Night Queen or Masterkush green magic on your own – you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure! If you’re looking for something which is 100% Indica, you will find such strains in this category too - for example 100% Indica Afhgan Kush and Pure Indica California Hash Plant. All of these and many, many more (including Violator Kush, Northern Lights Feminised or Malana Bomb Auto) are tried and tested seeds which were carefully bred and selected by specialists. See for yourself!


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