7 Great - 7 varieties and the highest THC levels

DutchSkun.co.uk has prepared for you a special list of 7 great - 7 strains and the highest THC level. On the list you will find both autoflowering cannabis seeds and feminized seeds that will work best in indoor/outdoor conditions.

Get comfortable in your seat, buckle up and come with us on a journey through the strongest cannabis strains. Oh, and remember! All of the described strains are available at HolenderskiSkun.pl as feminized cannabis seeds - just click on the name.

7 wonderful autoflowering varieties

Wonderful Automatic - #1 - Auto AK 2.0 - THC Level: 23%

Auto AK 2.0 is the next generation of the most bought automaton - Auto AK - straight from DutchSkun.pl. This amazing strain has been developed over the last few years and thanks to the best selection we got the highest quality and powerful yields - the record is even 250g from 1 cannabis seed. This is a fairly fast strain, ready to harvest in 70-80 days, with a medium size - up to 130cm. Auto AK 2.0 boasts a mix of Skunk genes for a classic, distinct Skunk smell and solid tops full of orange hairs. A typical skunky smell, intense and citrusy. The perfect strain for a good mood, relaxing after a hard day and for meetings with friends to be full of laughter and joy.

Great Automatic - #2 - Afghan Kush Ryder - THC Level: 22%

Afghan Kush Ryder from World of Seeds is a strain that came from a cross between Afghan Kush and Ruderalis. This 100% Indica comes straight from the legendary Hindu Kush mountains of Northern Pakistan. This fully autoflowering strain is great for indoor/outdoor growing and grows to a height of 40-80 cm. Incredibly potent in its effects, with almost narcotic relaxing properties. Very valued medicinally. Taste and smell retain the best qualities of its predecessor Afghan Kush strain and it's reminiscent of top quality Afghan hash. She produces solid yields of resinous, compact tops. Very resistant to humidity and mould with a very fast flowering time of 45-55 days and easy to grow.

The new undisputed king of automatics.

Great Automatic - #3 - THC BOMB AUTO - THC Level: 22%

THC BOMB AUTO from Bomb Seeds is one of the strongest automatics on the market. The strain was created from a cross of THC Bomb x Auto Bomb. This is one of the most popular varieties for both indoor/outdoor growing - it guarantees powerful yields, more than other automatics available on the market. It is a compact plant, reaching 60-120 cm, with many branches well covered with tops. Ready to harvest in just 65 days from start. The very high THC level of 22% gives a powerful and immediate effect, very euphoric and stimulating. Great for relaxation, pain relief and muscle tension. It also improves appetite.

Great Automatic - #4 - Polish Devil - THC Level: 20%

Polish Devil is another one of the strains from HolenderskiSkun.pl which found its way to our list. It was created from a cross between the bestselling Auto AK-47 and the legendary Critical Mass. This is one of the most productive strains on the market - yields reach up to 120g from one cannabis seed. Great both indoors and outdoors, beginner growers will be able to handle her. Flowering time is not long - 49 to 60 days - and growing her is a pleasure. The aroma is strongly fruity with a sweet taste of fruit and citrus. The effects are very relaxing and mega happy.

Great Automatic - #5 - KONG 47 - THC Level: 21%

KONG 47 from Dr. Underground is one of the fastest and most productive plants in the world. This powerful beast was created by crossing two legendary strains: King Kong x AK-47. The aroma is classic skunk, intense and really hard to ignore. The taste is similar to AK-47, with distinct notes of sweet fruit and citrus. The effects are brutal - a truly knockout mix of psycho-physical high. In cultivation, KONG 47 is a vigorous plant, producing highly resinous tops and guaranteeing very good yields.

Great Automatic - #6 - Green Crack AUTO - THC Level: 20%

Green Crack Auto was created from a cross of Afghan Sativas and Skunk #1. This is a strong, vigorous and very productive plant that is easy to grow and great for beginners. Autoflowering and feminized so it will work well both indoors and outdoors. Good yields, easy growing and an energetic high are the biggest advantages of the Green Crack strain. The unique fruity taste is an added bonus. She grows to a medium height of 1.20 cm and her leaves are a typical sativa light green. A fast flowering time of 55 days and very productive yields of up to 600g per plant have made her a hit with growers. The tops are dense, compact and stronger than your average sativa. They are covered with abundant resin and can be completely white. The taste is very fruity, citrus with exotic and earthy notes. This is one of those strains that provide lots of energy and stimulation. Used medicinally to treat fatigue, stress and the effects of long-term drug treatments. It also improves appetite.

Great Automatic - #7 - Crystal Meth - THC Level: 20%

Crystal Meth from FastBuds is the true Walter White of cannabis seeds. An extremely potent Mexican strain that delivers a tropical sativa high. Developed from carefully selected Mexican Sativa strains. Very pleasant taste with notes of hazelnut and a distinctive pine aroma. The effects are happy, very positive and energetic. A real tequila among marijuana seeds, without any, even the slightest hangover. Chosen by growers for its pleasant, mental relaxation. Fully automatic and feminized seeds are ready to harvest in 65-70 days, making it an ideal strain for growers looking for quick yields. Easy to grow and suitable for beginners and advanced growers. The tops are dense, completely covered with white trichomes and resin which makes them look like they were covered in sugar. This is where the name Crystal Meth comes from.

7 wonderful - indoor feminized cannabis seeds

Great Indoor - #1 - Y Grieg - THC Level: 27% !!!

The incredibly powerful Y Griega strain from Medical Seeds was created from a cross of Amnesia x Kali Mist. A very vigorous plant which, unlike most Sativas, surprises with dense production of large and extremely resinous tops for high yields. This is one of the most powerful strains on the market - Y Grieg's THC level is 27.12%! The taste is classic haze with sweet accents. The effects are stimulating, relaxing and top notch. Y Griega is one of the appreciated and often awarded strains such as: - 2nd Place TreatingYourself Cup, Canada 2012; Sativa - 1st Place Cannabis Canarias Cup, 2011 - 3rd Place Ala Cannabis Cup, 2010; Indoor - 1st Place Cannabis Canarias Cup, 2009; Indoor

Great Indoor - #2 - LSD - THC Level: 24%

LSD from Dutch Skun is a top strain that came from a cross between the old school Skun and the powerful Mazar strain. It gets its name from its unique effects - a strong trip high reminiscent of the acidic 70s and flower children. This is a durable, vigorous plant with high resistance to disease that can cope with all conditions and in the hands of even inexperienced growers. An average flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks will satisfy impatient growers. Low - up to 80 cm - that's why she is perfect for discreet growers and growers who complain about the lack of space. Yields are very productive, full of first class compact tops covered in sticky resin. The taste is very intense, earthy and chestnut with a sweet musky aroma. The effect is euphoric with hints of psychedelics and a strong acid trip.

Great Indoor - #3 - Tutankhamon - THC Level: 22%

Tutankhamon feminized marijuana seeds from Pyramid Seeds are a guarantee of high yields and excellent potency. It was created with carefully selected AK-47 plants, which guarantees the best possible genetics. It is a small - 80-110cm - compact plant with lots of branching and mostly Sativa genes. It produces fat, resinous, compact tops in just 60-65 days. Easy to grow, also good for beginners, but make sure the space is not too humid. Intense skunky flavour and very solid yields - 500-600G/M2. The green medicine of the pharaohs in feminized cannabis seeds.

Great Indoor - #4 - Russian AK47 - THC Level: 22%

Russian AK47 from Dutch Skun is a strain that originated from a cross of AK47 x White Widow. It is one of the strongest strains on the market with over 22% THC. It is appreciated all over the world and has won numerous awards. The plants are dense, not tall and produce hard, resin covered tops. It is very durable and great for beginner growers. The unique effect is a mix of solid euphoria, joy and strong relaxation and is very long lasting. Russian AK47 is also selected for medical use - it has an analgesic and stress reducing effect.

Great Indoor - #5 - Super Skunk - THC Level: 21%

Super Skunk is one of the most appreciated strains on the market. A multiple winner of Cannabis Cup awards. Super Skunk from Dutch Skun is mostly Indica, a super strong cross of Skunk #1 and Afghani Indica. The tops are big, compact and sticky with resin. The plant gives a large and productive yield that satisfies even the most demanding growers. Fresh, strong spicy taste and aroma that has won the hearts of growers around the world. Variety of very high power - THC levels over 21%! The effects are stimulating, euphoric and full of joy. This is one of the more popular strains for medicinal use - great for migraines, depression and stress relief. Additionally it improves appetite and stimulates the whole body. Very easy to grow, recommended for beginner growers and quite fast - flowering time is only 7 weeks!

Great Indoor - #6 - Amnesia Haze - THC Level: 21%

Amnesia Haze from Dutch Skun is a unique Sativa with a huge THC content. It was created with the best Sativas from South Asia, Jamaica, Thailand and Cambodia crossed with Northern Lights. This is one of the longer flowering strains on our list - it takes around 10 weeks to harvest but rewards growers with huge harvests full of resinous tops known for their clean haze taste and smell of musk, citrus, peach and flowers. The effects are smashing. An energetic, stimulating high with a definite dose of euphoria and a psychedelic note. Improves mood better than winning the TotoLot. Additionally, it is a great stress reliever and improves creative thinking. Often used in medicine - ideal for depression, fears and anxieties. Reduces stress and has good analgesic properties.

Great Indoor - #7 - Critical - THC Level: 20%

Critical from Dutch Skun is a strain created in Bilbao, Spain. Since 2000 it has been winning hearts and recognition all over Europe and the USA. Developed from a cross of Big Bud x Skunk #1, one of the best commercial strains - easy and quick to grow and gives very big yields of fat tops, rich in resin. The tops are dark green, big, with purple hues and the characteristic skunky red-orange hairs. Very short flowering time - even less than 50 days under the right conditions. The effects are stimulating, energetic and creative - perfect for meeting up with friends and relaxing in the evening - combining a physical, highly relaxing effect with an uplifting mood and positive energy for the mind. Critical is also often chosen for its medicinal properties - great for excessive stress, pain relief and muscle tension relief. Very strong in smell. It smells like a good skunk with notes of lemon, pine and spice, reminiscent of a mix of Skunk and Big Bud. Deep, skunky, slightly lemony and sour taste.

We hope you already know which strain you like the most, we invite you to store DutchSkun.

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